the Goulding Process

Available in 2 Formats:
• Hard Copy Paperback Book with 2 x CDs
• eBook PDFs with MP3 audio - download

What is the SleepTalk® Process?

SleepTalk® is ‘Happiness Insurance’ which is just as important as ‘Health Insurance’   The effects of auto-suggestion stay with our children for life!   “Speak well to yourself because your deep mind is always listening.”...

About The SleepTalk® Guarantee

The Goulding SleepTalk® process is the two minute gift you give your children that lasts a lifetime.   It is easy to learn, takes parents only a few minutes daily at bedtime:     The...

Book with CDs

This Third edition of the Goulding SleepTalk® Process is available as a firm cover paperback book with CDs. It commences by teaching parents the concepts of SleepTalk® and the “Foundation Statement.” The “Foundation Statement” is the first stage or level 1 of SleepTalk® that all parents will use to start the Goulding Process with their children. Unlike the eBooks, the hard copy book also covers areas of primary concern; bed wetting, bullying, self-esteem, sibling rivalry, learning difficulties, and more. This book is the complete guide to the Goulding Process, but the book and CDs are only available in English. ...Read More

eBooks & MP3

SleepTalk® Work books come in PDF format with the audio as an MP3. They are available for immediate download. (The MP3 is only available in English.)